I have written for Batsford, English Heritage, Tempus, Shire, Bristol Classical Press, Thames and Hudson, and Yale University Press (among others).

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I deliver illustrated lectures to societies in the UK and abroad. I am an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society

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I can visit your school to talk to students about History and Archaeology and even allow them to handle original artefacts. You can apply for a grant from Classics For All.

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The joy of history

One of the greatest pleasures of my life has been the opportunity to share my interest and love of the past, its history, art and culture, with other people. I've had the privilege of lecturing to societies, teaching children aged from 11-18, and writing a large number of books about everything from the Roman Empire to the Second Dutch War in the 1660s. I've even written a book about the history of computers!

The past has so much to tell us about ourselves. It helps place everything else about our lives into context and that's why it's so important. Whether it was studying the English Wars of the Roses or the rise and fall of the Praetorian Guard in Rome I'm always fascinated by the way human beings deal with power and their problems.

Castor and Pollux

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