Guy at Pantheon

My life and love of history

I was born in Wimbledon in 1957. I studied Archaeology and History at the Universities of Durham and London and have degrees from Durham, London, and UCL. I worked for the BBC for most of 1981-1999 but started writing Archaeology and History books for Shire, then Batsford in the late 1980s. More recently I've written for the Bristol Classical Press, Thames and Hudson, and Yale University Press. From 1998-2013 I worked for Channel 4's TV archaeology series Time Team as a Roman expert. From 2007-2016 I taught History and Classical Civilization at a grammar school in Lincolnshire. I have lectured at many locations in the UK and also Australia. I am proud to be an elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London

Our Story

It all began with a Roman coin my father gave me when I was about eleven. I was fascinated by the thought of how old it was, where it was made, and the adventures it must have had. At the age of sixteen I saved up to make my first visit to Pompeii. I've never looked back!

Next Steps...

I am an accredited  lecturer for the Arts Society. If you belong to one of the Arts Society's affiliated societies and would like me to lecture to your group, please contact me through the Contact page, or through my contact details that you'll find in the Lecturer Directory on your log-in at the Arts Society

If you belong to a local archaeology or historical society and would like to contact me in connection with a lecture, please use the Contact page on this website.